Special Edition: Fauci: U.S. could see 100,000 cases per day if surge continues; Official: Russia bounty intel was included in the presidential daily briefing sometime in spring; House Dems slam White House for insufficient briefing; Biden: “Trump failed


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CDC Director urges younger generations to wear masks; Cases rising in 36 states; flat in 12 states; declining in only 2 states; NY, NJ, CT expand travel advisory to 8 more states; 17 states pause or change reopening plan as new cases surge; Texas bar owners sue Gov. Abbott over emergency order shutting bars back down amid surge in cases; Sources: Officials alarmed at Trump’s calls with leaders due to abusive language with allies & pandering to Putin; Fauci: “Cautiously optimistic” for vaccine by 2021; FDA to provide guidance to vaccine developers to speed up approval process; Biden: Trump should fix PPE shortage before teeing off for another round of golf; Biden: “Everyone needs to wear a mask, period”; Biden on cognitive decline: “Watch me” and “can hardly wait” to compare his capability to Trump’s; Today is the last day for PPP small business loans with no new stimulus plan from congress; PPP application process expires tonight; $134B left untapped; Fauci: New swine flu found in China not “an immediate threat”; Scientists: New swine flu found in China can infect humans; NY, NJ & CT requiring residents from 16 states to self quarantine; Fauci: States must “follow the guidelines” on reopening; Study shows home made masks are often much less effective; Trump denies being briefed on Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops; Intel Chief says Trump was not briefed on Russia bounty Intel; Florida reports over 6,000 new coronavirus cases amid spike; Some small-city airports barely operational as passengers stay home; Small Michigan airport averages three daily flights, 63 passengers amid Covid; Small Virginia airport cut 46 jobs as airlines moved flights to larger cities;

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