Special Edition: White House in Crisis; Witnesses: Quid pro quo connected Mulvaney; Michael Bloomberg expected to enter Dem race; Sessions announces Senate run: Trump "has my strong support";


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Witness: "No Doubt" what Trump was demanding on Ukraine call; Trump says there should be no public impeachment hearings; Mulvaney ignores subpoena, skips deposition on Capitol Hill; Bolton's lawyer says he has "relevant" info on Ukraine probe not yet disclosed; Sources: Trump and Giuliani remain in touch; Wash Post: "Anonymous" author said Trump officials considered resigning "en masse"; White House blasts anonymous book as "a work of fiction", calls author "coward"; Former NYC Mayor & billionaire expected to enter Dem 2020 race; Bannon: I viewed Stone as access point to Wikileaks; Witness: Top Trump Amb. implicated Mulvaney in withholding aid; Trump says he's not concerned about testimony so far; Bolton's lawyer says he has information on Ukraine meetings but he won't testify until court resolves subpoena question; Biden on Bloomberg: "He should jump in the race"; Trump on if he will endorse Sessions: "We'll have to see"; Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces Senate bid; Bon Jovi's org donates $500,000+ to new homeless vet housing; New Jon Bon Jovi song "Unbroken" honors veterans service; Go to Ebay.com/HFOT to bid on action items; via Knit

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