Trump fires election security chief who debunked his fraud claims; Biden meets with health care workers about Covid response; U.S. hospitalizations at record 76,830, up 20% in one week; GA Secy of State: audit found no widespread voter fraud


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Source: HHS staffers told not to communicate with Biden team; official: Trump in “bunker mentality” as he stayed behind closed doors; Biden: if Trump keeps delaying transition briefings, our Covid response will be “behind by weeks or months”; Biden coronavirus adviser: “we will be ready on day one”; Sources: Biden considering RI, NM govs for HHS secretary; WH: Trump canceled Thanksgiving trip because he’s “hard at work”; GOP split on Trump’s decision to fire DHS official; NYC schools close due to Covid positivity rate rise; Georgia to announce election audit results tomorrow; GA Secy of State: audit found no widespread voter fraud; Great-grandmother and gospel singer dies of coronavirus; Berlin police clash with anti-Covid restriction protestors; South Australia entering six day lockdown following outbreak;

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