The Pulse: a new “Talking Tech” stream, Elliot’s AirPods Pro, Apple’s new Macs and Google’s photo storage changes


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Alex and Elliot chat about their plans for a new separate sub-stream of the podcast called “Talking Tech”. Each Talking Tech episode will be an interview with a law tech vendor discussing their product, how they got started, who the target audience is and what the intended use cases are. Some questions will be easy, some will be hard, and all of them will be interesting and relevant.

They also discuss Elliot’s new AirPods Pro, running through what he likes and dislikes about them. They cover Apple’s announcement of a suite of ARM-based Macs, the pros and cons of the new architecture and whether or not Alex and Elliot are likely to buy a new machine. Finally, they chat about the recent changes to Google’s photo storage service and how it relates to iCloud and cloud storage more generally.

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