Editor's Note #41


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Our first remote live editor's note! The audio quality is better than we feared it would be, but it's still not up to Trevor-approved-quality!

Show Notes:

Run Time: 1:13:00

Christopher's doing pretty well, but Adam's spiraling into chaos. If nothing else, this means that the more things change, the more they stay - in some small ways - the same.

Next month is May, which means it's Adam's birth-month! Celebrate! Here's the schedule for the month of partying:

  • Tuesday, May 5th: Episode #143 - Writers' Room: Unity and Omnitron (X or U)
  • Tuesday, May 12th: Episode #144 - Writers' Room: post-Bloodsworn Sky-Scraper
  • Tuesday, May 19th: Editor’s Note #42
  • Tuesday, May 26th: Episode #145 - Writers’ Room: Leviathan

Here's a calendar!

We talked about a bunch of things this Editor's Note, including but not limited to:

  • OblivAeon, of course
  • Meta-Meta-Meta-Meta-Meta-Meta...
  • The Sentinels of Freedom video game, now on Steam! Go check it out!
  • Absolute Zero
  • Degenerate
  • Schema
  • Romance. Around the 41 minute mark, Amelia Ryans in the live chat made a Tinder profile for Absolute Zero. Here it is:

  • Theories of How the Multiverse Works
  • Sentinel Comics in other properties
  • Todd Lito
  • Parse in Rook City
  • Un-super heroes
  • Fake comic book backstory organization methods
  • and more!

Get your questions in for those upcoming topics! And thank you to all of our Patreon supporters - we do this for YOU!

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