Bad Trips and Psychic Flips: Round and Round in the Medicine Wheel w/ Kyle Kingsbury #334


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Join me for a wild ride into the ethers of hell and beyond with spiritual thrillseeker and optimized human Kyle Kingsbury.

We reflect on his recent harrowing experience on 5-MeO-DMT, the warped reality of playing the game in this 3D simulation, the different ways parenthood was shown to us during soul-searching ayahuasca ceremonies, and how these medicines have taught us to surrender the ego in ways we’ve never thought possible.

This episode taught me so much about feeling into the edges of my own fears and how to harness elements of ego to serve myself and those I care about.

08:14 — Conscious Parenting

  • Becoming a father for the second time
  • Children as gurus
  • Rewriting inner-child wounds through parenting
  • The Native American medicine wheel and the seasons of healing
  • Vedic meditation for householders

28:40 — Consciousness and Control

  • How ego separates householders from observers
  • Crushing ego during addict recovery
  • The ballet dance of higher-consciousness and playing the game in the 3D realm

42:12 — Merging Souls on Mushrooms

  • Receiving the call to take a 30-gram dose of mushrooms
  • Learning from pure divinity and darkness
  • Connecting with his son’s wise soul
  • A psychedelic interpretation of the Eucharist

1:05:51 — Surrendering to Parenthood

  • How his son expresses his love and compassion to the world
  • Seeing his children before they were born with his wife during an ayahuasca ceremony
  • Studying 2nd generation Indigo children
  • Unpacking the depths of my sexuality
  • Confronting the prospect of fatherhood during ceremony
  • Preparing to be a parent

1:48:19 — Integrating a Hellish Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine Experience

  • Breaking down Bufo Alvarius Toad medicine on a molecular level
  • Living through an eternal hell loop
  • Intense flashbacks post-ceremony
  • Cleansing the experience with Paul Chek
  • Choosing to live in love

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