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The Life Well Lived Project is motivated by this: There is so much unhappiness, anxiety and depression in the world, and this work is about trying to make things better, tiny bit by tiny bit, one day at a time. The vision of the Life Well Lived Project is a world where this cycle of unhappiness, anxiety and depression does not have to be handed down across multiple generations and accepted as an unavoidable fact of life. The vision is a world where everyone is liberated to know, embrace and express the full breadth of their own individual uniqueness. And the vision is a world where we can work together to solve big problems, rather than squabble over minor matters out of a place of insecurity and hurt. I know that 45-60 minute podcasts, which is what most episodes of the Life Well Lived podcast are, is a big investment of your time, and your time is your most valuable asset. So it's a huge privilege for me, to have you here with me and my guests for this. If you enjoy the podcast, please go to Apple Podcasts, find this show and leave a review. And if you want to make sure you don't miss any future episodes, please sign up for updates about the Life Well Lived Project. Go to my website at

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