058: David Nurse on Creating Breakthrough Moments that Change Your Life


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Sometimes, the one thing you want the most, is oftentimes the best thing that never happens.

Maybe you can recall one of those moments in your own life; where you worked SO hard for something and it just didn’t work out the way you had planned. But in the end, it got you to where you are today.

Today’s guest, David Nurse, calls these happy little accidents “breakthroughs”, which is exactly what this episode is all about.

More than anything, David wanted to play in the NBA. But when his dreams didn’t come true the way he had envisioned, it didn’t stop him. He simply pivoted.

Instead of becoming a player, he decided to become a coach, and eventually landed a position with the Brooklyn Nets. Not long after he joined the team, a new head coach came in and fired everyone—including David.

Naturally, this wasn’t the outcome he was looking for, but it opened doorways he never knew existed. And in the end, getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to him.

David’s now an NBA mindset strategist, life optimisation coach, author, podcaster, and speaker who inspires audiences all over the world.

Had it worked out in Brooklyn, not only would it have limited his success, but he wouldn’t have met his wife, who he now shares a wonderful life with in L.A.

In this episode, you’ll learn the unconventional story of how David made it into the NBA, his unique strategies for building relationships with world-renowned experts (despite starting with no money and no connections), and how to use his Breakthrough Formula to realize your potential, push through limitations, and achieve things you never knew were possible.

Here’s just some of what we get into:

  • David shares his incredible journey from dreaming to play in the NBA, to working as a coach for the Brooklyn Nets.
  • How David landed a meeting with L.A. Clippers GM, Gary Sacks, with no money and no connections—a simple tactic anyone can use to expand their network!
  • Become a connector and get world renowned experts to join you for dinner—even if they don’t know who you are!
  • When the word “potential” is limiting to your success.
  • Discover the “Breakthrough Formula”, so you can realize your potential, push through limitations, and achieve things you didn’t know were possible.
  • Why balance is overrated and obsession is a good thing.

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