SALON EXCLUSIVE: Emma Stonex reads from 'The Lamplighters'


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No one really knows what happened that night. The seas were calm, the doors locked from the inside of the lighthouse and all the clocks were stopped. Somehow they vanished without a trace, leaving their widows and the villagers with so many unanswered questions. Over time the simplest explanations gave way to conspiracy theories and ghost stories, and twenty years on a writer has come to speak with the women left behind to know their stories.

In a narrative that alternates between the widows and interviews with their menfolk before they disappeared, Emma Stonex’s gripping historical novel is one of the most anticipated books of the year! The Lamplighters is published by Picador and is available now to order from all good bookshops - preferably an indie. Or you’re also welcome to order from our shop here.

‘I loved The Lamplighters – lighthouse keepers, ghosts, warring widows. It’s a wonderfully smart and atmospheric story.’ Observer

‘A remarkable book, through every page, every character, the writing resonates with the dark, powerful presence of the sea.’ Raynor Winn, author of The Salt Path

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