123. Surprise!


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We are wrapping up our Summer Shorts series with a surprise announcement. Listen in to hear how the Live It Forward Show is practicing what it preaches in moving from DREAM to DO.

Purpose of this Episode

To share an announcement about the future of the Live It Forward Show.

Tips Shared in this Episode

- When making any decision, big or small, give yourself a 2-week timeframe to gather information, get advice from trusted advisors, and make the decision.

- When making any decision, big or small, take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write down the potential positive outcomes (aka “Pros”) of the decision. On the right side, write down the potential negative outcomes (aka “Cons”) of the decision. This action usually brings significant clarity to what decision you should make.

- Every year identify 15 percent of the things you are currently doing in your business, career, and life that you should stop doing in order to free up time and space for new opportunities.

Call to Action

Answer these two questions:

1) What is one thing you should stop doing in order to move from DREAM to DO in your life and business?

2) When and how will you stop doing it?

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