1600: Best Of, Brain Cancer Survivor Logan Sneed Living Proof Of The Power Of Keto


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Logan Sneed, founder and CEO of FusionLean.com, works with thousands of people seeking full life change through the Ketogenic diet. He has dedicated his life to helping others, and spreading the word of what the ketogenic diet can do for people all over the world. Logan is a brain cancer survivor that was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor on March 26th, 2016. He has been through brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Through this process, he has grown in numerous ways mentally, physically, and emotionally. But the day his life changed was the day that he began the Ketogenic diet. After news from doctors that nothing would help his condition, he figured, why not?

Listen in today as Logan shares his story with Jimmy and talks about proving the doctors wrong with Keto, how the diet saved his life, the physical and emotional transformation that has taken place, The followup tests that had the medical professionals baffled, how living in faith and not despair is the only option, how he approaches keto as a lifestyle and NOT a diet, how he maintains strict adherence to keto, fasting, and much more.

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