Ep 85: Star Wars Medicine with Emma and The Doctors


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The Star Wars expanded universe has its own unique medical perspective on healing agents, stimulants, and debilitating viruses. Jumping from planet to planet through lightspeed can put a traveler in a vulnerable state or a Jedi in an unfamiliar atmosphere. If only we had some sort of medical expertise to help show us...the way. Bring in fellow Youtini member Emma along with our resident doctors to dissect the various medical proceedings throughout the EU and how it has affected our favorite characters. Send any and all questions to livingforcepod@youtini.com, tweet at us @LivingForcePod, hit us up on Facebook, watch LIVE on Twitch, and don't forget to join the discussion on Discord at Youtini.com. Help the galaxy find us by leaving a review and please remember to subscribe!

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