Ebony Tusks "Heal Thyself"


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Howie, Nate, and Royce, talk about Ebony Tusks' incredible new album "Heal_Thyself" with Marty. Stream & buy Ebony Tusks "Heal_Thyself" - https://ebonytusks.bandcamp.com/album/heal-thyself https://twitter.com/ebonytusks

Extra notes: - Technical difficulties resulted in having to use Marty's dialogue from the video call, and it's glitchy in spots. We apologize! Everything's intelligible at least (and rad).

We appended the single "HDF" at the end of "Heal_Thyself" so stream and buy that, too - https://highdiverecords.bandcamp.com/album/ebony-tusks-hdf - The conversation was so good, we barely let any music through, so we've edited some space into the dialogue and between songs to let some parts jump out. *No* conversation or music was left out, we just created some space by sliding stuff around. Maybe not ideal but worth it to hear some of this incredible record clearly!

Marty mentions these records: - Cities Aviv, "Black Pleasure 2012" - https://open.spotify.com/album/3Pq5dzwf1ESZCMMIBzUe3W?si=U-WfcJiOShagLnpgYLw9Dw

B L A C K I E, "TRUE SPIRIT AND NOT GIVING A FUCK" - https://blackieallcapswithspaces.bandcamp.com/album/true-spirit-and-not-giving-a-fuck

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Nate https://www.instagram.com/asteralesmusic https://asterales.bandcamp.com/

Royce https://twitter.com/RoyceDiamond https://roycediamond.com/

Heal Thyself, is Ebony Tusk's forthcoming album, available on all digital streaming services since Friday, November 6, 2020.

High Dive Records Kansas City, MO www.highdiverecords.com Credits: All songs written and performed by Ebony Tusks unless otherwise noted. All Songs engineered and mixed by George Henry Valyer IV at Rundown Studios in Topeka, Kansas and MalaMUTE Studios in East Lawrence, Kansas. Assistance provided by Nico Williams and Claire Kuner. Conny Franko's vocals on "You Runner" engineered by Keith Rodger and Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios in Omaha, Nebraska. IK's vocals on "Gang Signs" engineered by Derek Montgomery. Stik Figa's vocals on "Hell Above Or Here Below" engineered by Sean Patrick at Twelves Studios in Forth Worth, Texas. Cello on "Heir Apparent" written and performed by Brail Watson. Rhodes and Moog on "Heir Apparent" written and performed by Daniel Bowersox. All Songs mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering in Portland, Oregon. Album cover art by Justin Bergin. Album cover photography by Rachel Lock. Album layout by Martinez Hillard. Album insert photography by Ailecia Ruscin and LeRoy Pristach. © 2020 all rights reserved

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