(218) How do I eat "right" with diabetes with Glenys Oyston


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Looking for the right way to eat and exercise for your diabetes? Know this: there is no one right way to do diabetes self-care. Glenys Oyston is our guest on this Love Food Podcast episode and during the month of May we are focusing on anti-diet diabetes conversations. Join us!

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This episode's Dear Food letter:

Dear food,

I can't stop snacking, and eating fast food. I have diabetes, and need to make better choices. Lately I'm in a heavy food eating, which leads me to be sleepy and inactive. My diabetes dietitian focuses on counting carbs, and I haven't counted carbs in years. I've given up and given in to the cravings. I've gained weight, watched my blood pressure rise, and my eyes fill with sadness when I look in the mirror and wonder how much over X pounds is on my 5ft frame. I actually feel afraid for my heart and all the extra work it has to do now while my weight continues to rise. There have been times when I actually enjoyed drinking "green drinks," and having my brain and body feel healthy. Grilling out, experimenting with recipes, yoga, swimming, and such. I know my food choices today make my vision blurry, blood sugar high, and cause me to make not so good decisions because my brain isn't as clear when I "exercise and eat right. " I want a strong body again. I want to find joy in a walk or kayaking or fitting comfortable in a booth having brunch with friends. How do I get back to that? How do I get back to wanting the healthy choices, the joy in experimenting with fruits, vegetables, protein, and fats in recipes? How with limited insurance and temporary employment do I find a good dietitian? Right now I feel like you food have won. You are keeping me hostage in a body that isn't strong, and makes me physically uncomfortable, and feeds my diabetes instead of my spirit. Lost my way & afraid for my life...

Show Notes:

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