Episode #403 FUEL, TRAIN & PERFORM as a Low Carb Athlete in 2021


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Today my friend Stephanie Holbrook from KETO ENDURANCE co-hosts my podcast today to discuss how to TRAIN, FUEL and PERFORM as a LOW CARB ATHLETE.

Just in time to help you plan you 2021 training and race plan- Stephanie and I review fat burning concepts and more. Make sure you watch the video version so you can follow the slides I added into our podcast! More to come. Please let us know your questions for our next podcast chat!

  1. Review key definitions:
    1. What is keto endurance
    2. What is metabolic flexibility
    3. What is metabolic efficiency
    4. What is fat adapted
  2. How to get started on becoming fat adapted athlete
    1. Going low carb for 4-6 weeks – process of gaining metabolic flexibility
    2. What to eat
    3. Stephanie -carnivore for endurance athletes approach
    4. Debbie- keto paleo carnivore real food sustainability approach
  3. Phases in an annual training plan for endurance athletes -fat burning metabolism
  4. N = 1 as there is no one size fits all just a template to start then tweak
  5. How to get started with keto endurance training plan -Coach Stephanie
  6. How to get started on feeling your best and living your best life with a health investigation comprehensive individualized DRESS plan to repair, rebuild, restore back to optimal if you are struggling getting your desired results to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance

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Train Harder and Move Faster through Keto Adaptation.

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