Episode 66 - Politicking With Wen - Kuni Ceant


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On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, the crew sits down with Co-Founder & Co-Creator of the Politicking App, Wen-Kuni Céant. With the Presidential election season among us, where voting and being politically aware should be at an all-time high, Winnie sheds light on how the Politicking App is making a difference in Politics for those who matter the most: the people. With positive recognition from well-respected voices such as Forbes magazine and even current Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, we peel back the layers of the Politicking App to explain its benefits. Through conversation we touch on topics such as crowdfunding, voter suppression, the lack of convenience in voting, the general public’s poor education on the issues and candidates, Capitalism, Civil Rights, Congressional power, the Popular Vote vs The Electoral College, and the current divisive political scene with Trump at the helm. Intro Music: Talent Harris & Latin - Studa Baker

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