2355 - Uprisings & Fighting for Democracy w/ Wosny Lambre


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Michael Brooks hosts Wosny Lambre (@BigWos) of the Athletic and Count the Dings network to discuss the protests underway across America.

On today's show: Cops assault man who is just trying to get home in NYC. Letter from PBA to cops trying to suppress dissent: “it’s good against evil and good always wins.”

Wosny Lambre (@BigWos) of the Athletic and Count the Dings network joins Michael to discuss the protests underway across America. A report on what's happening Los Angeles. Why are mayors so afraid of the cops? Tucker Carlson monologue about "mobs" edited with police brutality footage. Wos' experiences with the police growing up in a black neighborhood in Queens.

On the fun half: Cops fire pepper spray and "non-lethal" rounds at man with pregnant girlfriend in car. DOJ no ID secret police deployed in DC. Military police march through DC. Former FBI deputy director of counterterrorism says far left drawing from Black Panthers, Weather Underground, says 2016 Dem platform had same philosophy. Jesse Watters suggests MPD cop killed George Floyd because there was drug trafficking at the club where they both worked. Drew Brees asked about kneeling returning to NFL, says he'll never agree with disrespecting flag, serves up patriotism schlock. Sean Spicer interviews Donald Trump, wants the President to call him a good boy, Trump negs him about 'Dancing with the Stars.'

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