149: Creating Viral Marketing Success in Reddit (Replay)


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ReviTrage, has developed into a leader in the Viral and Social Marketing space, and leverages these powerful channels to help his 100+ Internet Top 1000 clients grow their online revenues rapidly. As CEO of ReviTrage,

Nick is responsible for generating over $10M+ in revenue each month for his clients. What if I told you that one site alone can make or break your business in many ways. When sites have amazing viral success, it's a great story to share. When they fail, it can hurt for a long time. Nick shared his successes in broadening his reach through new products and services—not dependent on Google—such as Reddit. Nick has spent a lot of time in what can appear to be a complex but welcoming community and today shares his insight into being a real part of this ever-growing community.

Nick and I discuss...

  • What Revitrage Does
  • Revenue generated for his clients and commissions paid to him.
  • What Reddit is?
  • Success that he's seen on Reddit
  • How to get involved in the Reddit community
  • The ways smart marketers and freelancers are using Reddit to drive traffic and generate leads
  • The differences between “brand platforms” (like Facebook) and “community platforms” like Reddit.
  • The types of content that perform best on community platforms.
  • Tip: Cool "people finder" tool I use called Rocket Reach
  • and much more!

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