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Founder of Astronism and organiser of the Astronic tradition of religions. Cometan is also the creator of the Spacefaring World franchise of books and other media, all of which is entwined with the Astronist worldview.

Cometan spearheaded the world revival of astronomical and natural religions with his founding and establishment of Astronism, an organised philosophy which traces its lineage back to the Stone Age.

Cometan, often ascribed the title of Cometan the Contemplator, is the founder of the organised philosophy of Astronism and the leading scholar and establisher of the Astronic tradition of religions. Cometan was born in the English county of Lancashire in the United Kingdom on 1st July 1998 and from the age of fifteen, he began to receive a series of intense ideations and revelations about the future of humanity in space, the future role of religious beliefs, and the relationship between astronomy, philosophy and religion.

After two years of revelations, Cometan began to write down his ideas which, over the following five years, lead to the codification of the founding book of Astronism, called the Omnidoxy. It was Cometan's sole authorship of the Omnidoxy, a philosophical treatise over two million words in total length, that lead to Cometan's status of being a surographer; that is, a person endowed with preternatural abilities to extensively write under extraordinary circumstances, such as a young person without knowledge of a subject, or as a resulting of experiencing indrucies or revelations that allow that person to write extensively, of which Cometan achieved both.

A renowned contemplative, a curricularist, and a claimed surographer as a result of his experiences of indrucy during his authorship of the Omnidoxy, Cometan has also been given the philosopher of the stars moniker. This, and the title of Astronomical Philosopher, have been attributed to him for his deep inquiries into and his founding of cosmic philosophy (officially known as cosmontology), a branch of philosophy focused on contemplating space and its exploration.


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