86: New Real Estate Investing Strategies for the COVID-19 Era with Matt Bowles


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In this episode, Matt Bowles explains how to navigate the latest U.S. real estate trends and make smart real estate investing decisions during the COVID-19 Era. He begins by giving tips on optimizing your rent collection during the eviction moratorium. He then moves on to talk about strategies for stabilizing your cash flow, including the option of getting tenant-default insurance. He proceeds to discuss the differences between the Great Recession of 2008 vs. The Great Shutdown of 2020. He explains the COVID-19 era trends that are negatively impacting commercial real estate, but positively impacting single-family rental properties. Matt explains the “de-densification” trend of both home buyers and renters moving out of densely populated areas, communal living situations, and apartment buildings and migrating into detached single-family homes. He also explains the supply and demand dynamics, and how there is an undersupply of affordable single-family homes amidst increasing demand for them, which could actually drive prices up in some areas. Matt then explains how residential investment property is a multi-dimensional asset class that has 5 simultaneous profit centers. He explains how to buy in the high-demand micro-markets within ‘recession resilient’ regions of the U.S. to position yourself on the supply side of the high demand trends for both buying and renting. He explains the tax benefits that remain constant, and how the tenant pays down your mortgage principle so you are building equity regardless of home price fluctuations. And finally, he breaks down the 3 ways you can profit from inflation when you take out a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Full Show Notes Available at www.TheMaverickShow.com SCHEDULE A FREE VIDEO CONSULT WITH MAVERICK INVESTOR GROUP ABOUT BUYING TURNKEY RENTAL PROPERTY AT: www.TheMaverickShow.com/Consult

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