“Direct Response Marketing” w/ Dean Jackson 278


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In today’s podcast episode Jim and Tyson dive into marketing with Dean Jackson . Dean fell in love with Marketing as a young boy when he first realized that selling stuff on commission was way easier than renting himself out by the hour for a regular job… and he’s never looked back. He carried that distaste for real work into adult life and has focused on a lifestyle centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun.
Listen to the podcast here.
5:00 speak to create a response7:15 never make a cold call again8:10 why you should try direct response marketing11:40 you’re not trying to convince people to choose you17:20 establish a brand 20:45 a brand shapes behavior 35:00 now and not now lead conversion 38:00 importance of email 43:13 more cheese less whiskers
Jim’s Hack: Listen in to Dean’s podcast More Cheese, Less Whiskers.
Dean’s Tip: Look back in your phone, your email or calendars and make contact with people you spoke with 90 days ago.
Tyson’s Tip: Book: The 90-Minute Book by Dean Jackson

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