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In today’s podcast episode Jim and Tyson dive into exit planning with Ashley Micciche.

Ashley Micciche is the CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, an independent financial advisory firm managing over $250 million in client assets, and located just outside of Portland, Oregon. She specializes in designing, building, and implementing custom-designed exit plans to help her business owner clients secure their final and most important business decision - the exit from their business.

Listen to the podcast here.

6:35 getting started with exit planning9:17 valuing your law firm11:30 what can firms do to protect their assets during the pandemic17:26 begin with end in mind20:23 when you know you should have a plan, but you don’t yet 22:55 The One-Minute Retirement Tip Podcast

Jim’s Hack: Jim has found by putting all their meetings on Monday’s it has lessened the interruptions throughout the rest of the week.

Ashley’s Tip: Find out what your business is worth - www.truenorthra.com/valuemybusiness

Tyson’s Tip: Post your office hours on your door so team members know the hours they can come talk to you.

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