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In today’s podcast episode Jim and Tyson dive into strategy with Master Law Firm Business Strategist Wendy Witt.

Wendy Witt is the founder of Million Dollar Attorney®, a private consulting firm. For the last 10 years, Wendy has helped overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed attorneys like you take the journey to the law firm and life they love. They become the million-dollar CEOs of their law firms -- which means they work less, make more, and design downright incredible businesses and lives.


Watch the video here.

1:20 I went to law school and didn’t want to be a lawyer2:38 wellness for attorney’s3:50 changes for firm growth5:35 Wendy’s 80/20 rule7:30 mindset techniques9:38 so you wish you could clone yourself11:56 giving what’s left 14:10 dalai lama 21:05 communicating in your relationships

Jim’s Hack: Episode #448 of the Tim Ferris Podcast about mindset and how to adapt.

Wendy’s Tip: E+R+O. COVID is the event + you get to choose how you respond to it = and that will determine your outcome.

Tyson’s Tip: App: Timeline 3D

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