The Full VENOM 2 REVIEW With a What If...? Ep 9 Breakdown To Boot


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This is yet another episode of our podcast at The MCU'S Bleeding Edge Youtube Channel/ Podcast through Anchor, and we are united as a full team once again with the return of co-host Perry Ramsey joining Cyberneticshark and Jeff ( TrueKnowledge) on this very compact but super informative special Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage review. We also keep on taking on another week of What If....? with a review of Episode 8 What If The Watcher Broke his Oath? What if...? Episode 9 features Ultron gaining control of the Infinity Stones and becoming a threat to the entire multiverse, at which point the Watcher and Supreme Strange assemble a team of heroes to stop Ultron. There are callbacks to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Hydra/ SHIELD, and Avengers: Endgame and Ultron becomes a Galactus level entity at one point. SPOILERS!!!, if you have not seen Venom 2 you may want to skip this episode of the Podcast and come back to it after you see the film.

Intro Music: " Light My Fire" by Fillmore

Co-hosted by Cyberneticshark, Jeff ( TrueKnowledge), and Perry Ramsey

Cyber is using a Mercase Microphone with Skull Candy Headphones, through a iPad Pro 2018, Jeff is using a AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2100 usb microphone, with dual Logitech Webcams( C920- C922) through a MacBook Pro.

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