Ep. 244: Good People for a Good Country


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Steven Rinella talks with Juanita Vero, Casey Snider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Very dramatic wind; a lightning strike that festers for weeks; codifying hunting and fishing in the state constitution; a privilege vs. a right; the national hobby of poking fun at California; all the levies at the tail end of ballots; how Steve wants to run for government office and propose a trapping bill; campaigning for your opponent; truly trying to understand someone with whom you disagree; neutralizing folks' anger by knocking on their doors for a conversation; politics are terrible and people are good; how it would be wise to Vote Vero! if you live in Missoula County; "block management" as a terrible name for what the thing actually is; visiting the bones of your grandfather when you need to make a decision; the correct recipe for pavement; attempting to infuse politics with joy; and more.

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