#075 - Joel Greene (Part 1): Dietary Paradigm Shifts, The Gut Microbiome, Fiber, Butyrate, Probiotics, Immune Function, Avoiding Reductionism, Fasting, Leptin, Longevity, Food As Medicine And More!


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7:20 - Joel's Background

17:45 - Maintaining Health And A Lean Body

20:35 - Reductionism

21:30 - Long Term Effects Of Fasting

23:30 - Fasting, Sleep And Leptin

24:10 - Language and Perception

24:40 - What is Fasting? Is It Starvation?

25:00 - The Responses Of Food Cessation Over Time

25:45 - ADF and Alzheimer's Disease

27:25 - Leptin Serum Levels During Fasting

28:35 - Min/Max The Benefits Of Fasting

31:05 - OMAD And Sleep

32:10 - What, When, And How?

34:50 - How Things Really Work, And What Really Happens.

36:50 - The Microbiome, How Do You Jump In?

42:10 - "Baby-stepping" In

43:40 - Using Amino Acids

46:00 - pH In The Colon

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51:20 - Supplementing Probiotics

54:10 - Supplementing Butyrate

57:05 - Dry Needling

59:45 - Apple Skins

1:01:45 - Establishing Immunity In The Gut

1:03:20 - Dendritic Cells

1:07:15 - Aging And Energy

1:08:15 - Red Phenols

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1:11:10 - "Fitness Fantasy"

1:13:15 - Using Carbohydrates

1:14:15 - Bacterial Guilds

1:16:30 - Nitrogen Partitioning

1:19:20 - High Protein Intake

1:22:00 - Medicating High Cortisol With Carbohydrate

1:23:10 - Seasonal Rhythms

1:23:40 - Weekly Rhythms

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