Episode 77: Preparing Your Investment Portfolio for the Coronavirus Pandemic, with Jennifer Shedlin


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Jennifer Shedlin is the Chief Operating Officer of Global Publishing, Inc. Jennifer is an expert in establishing company-wide business direction, defined by specific business objectives and financial goals. She devises strategies and formulates policies to ensure the business objectives and financial goals are met, and she is an expert in creating successful and profitable business operations, coupled with the creation and enhancement of a positive corporate image across the industry and in the community.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic has impacted Jennifer’s work at Global Publishing, and how it has mirrored the 2008 real estate crash
  • What important and difficult questions Jennifer and her team have had to answer in response to the pandemic
  • How Jennifer quickly implemented a work-from-home policy for Global Publishing employees to mitigate the risk of infection
  • Why mindset is the key to getting through the coming recession and identifying opportunities to survive and thrive
  • Why you should be using this downtime as an opportunity to learn, reflect on your goals, and establish a plan
  • Why clear, open communication and working with your creditors on debts you can’t afford to pay right now is vital
  • How to register for and participate in Ron’s free three-day Great American Real Estate Summit online from April 1-3 from 9:30 am eastern to 5:30 pm eastern
  • What events, classes, learning opportunities and activities you will be able to participate in at the Great American Real Estate Summit

Additional resources:

  • Free recession-preparedness call with Ron on Monday, March 30th at 7 pm: Call (701) 801-1211 with code 104946624
  • Ron’s FREE three-day online Great American Summit from April 1-3: www.TheMentorPodcast.com/prosperity

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