Judith Collins on working with Act, foreign workers and National's fiscal mistake


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Judith Collins has fired another shot at Jacinda Ardern over border restrictions.
The country's largest strawberry producer is calling for the Government to allow overseas pickers in to fill shortages.
It currently doesn't have the workers needed for next month's season.
The National party leader told Mike Hosking we need to learn to understand that we can bring people in.
"If she can bring in the Australian rugby team, then why the hell not skilled workers and technology students who are going to help our industry."
Judith Collins is continuing to downplay the seriousness of fiscal mistakes in her party's economic plan.
The National Party has admitted making a $4.3 billion miscalculation, because its plan hadn't been updated following Treasury's latest Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update.
It says another $3.9 billion gap isn't a "hole", because it will be covered by reallocating money from fuel taxes and road user charges.
Collins says the $4.3 billion dollar gap isn't significant, as it means debt will reach 36 percent in 2034, rather than 35 percent.

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