Mark the Week: Government skips working groups to save RNZ Concert


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Every Friday morning, Mike Hosking takes you through the big ticket items of the week and lets you know what he makes of it all.
Taika Waititi.
"Another Oscar from a tiny country at the bottom of the world."
The Oscars themselves.
"Lowest audience ever, because they will not learn that being boring, woke, and self involved is not an audience grabber.
I'm looking at you, Joaquin Phoenix.
Winston Peters.
"Yes, he's entertaining.
But between the Facebook and poor old Jacinda Ardern not trusting him, then trusting him, and the SFO, just how long is it that a certain group of New Zealanders reckon he's a good choice to run the country?"
RNZ Concert.
"What a load of pompous, pointy headed, cardigan wearing nonsense.
We have a government famous for doing literally nothing without a working group, inquiry, investigation, or business paper.
But it cannot leap high enough, find FM frequencies fast enough, all because the chief pointy heads Dame Kiri and Helen Clark sound off."
The Measles Report.
"Exactly what we said last year in the middle of the outbreak, and they wouldn't hear it.
They're deluded, asleep at the wheel, and we exported the illness to the Pacific because of it.
Only to get the Ministry of Health report to tell them that, and have to announce yet another corrective programme to try and put it right."
The Blackcaps.
"T20 cricket means nothing.
Who cares when you win the one dayers in a sweep against India, no less?"
World Radio Day.
"Radio is 100 years old today.
Still in growth, still defying gravity, still without the hassles of digital or free to air TV, still as creative, fun, and effective as it ever was, if not more so.
It's a privilege to be a part of it."

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