Peter Dunne on NZ First taking photos of reporters and former party president


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A former political colleague of Winston Peters says news New Zealand First may have photographed journalists could damage the Government.
Photos of RNZ and Stuff reporters, with former New Zealand First president Lester Gray, were posted to a website linked to conservative blog Whale Oil.
Former United Future leader Peter Dunne told Mike Hosking it's all a bit odd.
"I don't know how long this story will play out, but the more the Government tries to remain aloof on it, the more the risk it'll be tainted by the outcome."
Dunne says it could be damaging for the Government.
"The longer there is inaction from the Prime Minister, the government can't escape the taint associated with it.
"There is something in Winston Peters' makeup which makes it impossible for him to go a full term without a major controversy."

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