#194: The Mindful Kind // Digital Detox


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Hello and welcome to episode 194 of The Mindful Kind podcast.

In this episode, you'll hear some interesting statistics about digital use, why it's important to take digital detoxes and the benefits of taking a break from digital devices, including better productivity, more mindful mornings, stronger connections with people and less stress.

You'll also hear about 4 simple tips to help you implement your own digital detoxes, including:

  • Tip 1: Keep your phone out of arm's reach
  • Tip 2: Give yourself a time limit for social media and digital use
  • Tip 3: Turn off as many phone notifications as possible
  • Tip 4: Don't check your phone any time when you're in bed

If you would like to learn more about mindful social media use, be sure to check out chapters 20 and 21 of my book, The Mindful Kind: https://www.rachaelkable.com/themindfulkindbook

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have a wonderful week, Mindful Kind.

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