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In this very special edition of the Movie Cellar Rewind, we've pissed so many people off with our take on Robocop that Trev has friends joining in his effort to bust our chops! Robocop was in fact the reason the Rewind series started, because Trev could not silently go on while we talked smack about a movie that he loved so much, apparently we also touched a nerve with the boys over at Geeksploration as well, because they're jumping in the ring as well! Hear what these guys have to say about our thoughts on Detroit in the 80s, the current and future realities that the film depicted, stop-motion animation in live action films, and our general disregard of their collective love for this film and what it means to them! This is a fun one, you won't want to miss it!
And it only seemed right to share this now, as our very good friends and incredibly generous dudes at Geeksploration pass on their King of the Series torch to the #AlitaArmy. We are so grateful for everyone who has and continues to donate to the JDRF through our campaign, and the boys at Geeksploration set an incredible bar with their donation, and will forever be the first Kings of the Series (and maybe will regain the title in the near future, based on some things they say in this episode)!
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