The Big Sleep with Eolan Allen (The Big Noir)


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Brendan and Zach are joined by Eolan Allen to discuss one of his favorite films THE BIG SLEEP. They dive deep into the movie, discuss listener feedback and decide the suggestion for the next movie rung in the Ladder. The Ladder discussion begins at 1:16:57. So (re)watch the film (currently streaming on all rental platforms) and listen along to the discussion. Then stay tuned to hear what connected film we pick for next week. Submit your questions, comments, rating and suggested connections for next week’s movie to

In addition to the feedback sections on this podcast and on Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good, you can find Eolan on Letterboxd (@eolanallen) and Twitter (@eolan7). You can also find the podcast on Letterboxd (@TheMovieLadder) and Twitter (@LadderMovie). You can find each of us individually on Twitter (@FitzyBrendan and @brooksza) and Letterboxd (@FitzyBrendan and @brooksza).

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