Japanese investors sell foreign bonds in reaction to carnage in global bond markets, but leave footprints of buying more recently: The MUFG Global Markets Podcast


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In February, JPY rates rose, and USDJPY rose as U.S. rates moved higher. Even the day after the benchmark U.S. Treasury yield touched 1.6% late in February, the BoJ did not indicate it would implement operations to stall a JPY yield rise, allowing upward pressure on U.S. rates to spread to JPY rates. Then, before the BoJ needed to act, Japanese investors stepped in to stem the sell-off.

In today’s episode, MUFG Chief Japan Strategist, Takahiro Sekido, breaks down recent price action in the Tokyo market as well as discusses BoJ JGB buying operations, the MoF JGB auctions, and previews the upcoming BoJ monetary policy review. He also shares his outlook for Dollar/Yen, Yen basis, and Yen rate.

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