Interviews: Keith Harkin, Sahara Rose Ketabi, Thomas Gabriel


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On The Mulberry Lane Show this weekend, first, catch up with Keith Harkin. Formerly a member of Celtic Thunder, and now on a solo journey, Keith is just embarking on a tour. He talks travel, songwriting with famed Eagles' songwriter Jack Tempchin, & upcoming projects. Check out for tour dates. Then, it's Johnny Cash's grandson, Thomas Gabriel. Wow, the DNA traveled straight to the vocal cords, as Thomas sounds just like his grandfather. His latest album is titled "Long Way Home" - appropriately titled as Thomas has been in and out of jail and rehab. Now was the time for this album & his life to come together. He has a captivating story and you can feel it in his voice ( Finally, meet author Sahara Rose Ketabi. Her latest book "Eat Feel Fresh: A Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook" is a much-needed plant-based solution to eating healthy - and Sahara makes it super easy to do! Deepak Chopra, MD writes the foreward, and you should find out what Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type you are by taking the quiz at

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