Free Yourself from Extreme Exhaustion and Stress Caused by High Level Narcissist


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Individuals who are married to high level narcissists are enduring dreadful stress that is affecting their psychological and physical immune systems. Our immune systems are designed to keep us health and strong on every level.

Married to a high level narcissist you are in a constant state of duress, the fight or flight zone, the sympathetic nervous system. Hypervigilant and edgy, you endure the vituperative rage, humiliations, sarcasm, threats, betrayals, deceits and demands of these impossible individuals.

The high level narcissist is protected by invulnerable defense mechanisms that protect them from the true reality and cause tremendous stress and anxiety to their spouses and partners:

Denial, Projection, Splitting, Repression.

Instead of placing so much of your attention to the demands and needs of the high level narcissist, tune into yourself and put emphasis on self observation, research and self care.

Appreciate yourself as an individual who is entitled to be authentically yourself, to express your emotions, to activate your creativity, to rest, practice a form mindfulness that works for you, nourishment that is pure, movement and exercise that is best for you. As you distance yourself from the high level narcissist, you rediscover the beauty, strength, perseverance, clear discernment, spiritual awareness of your true self.

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