Shameless High Level Narcissists Don't Stop Exploiting You


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High level narcissist have no shame. Their excessive sense of self entitlement and self importance rules their personalities. High level narcissists have no sense of boundaries or limits. This can make them very successful in their work and profession but failures in interpersonal relationships. Along with a lack of shame the high level narcissist doesn't have a developed conscience. This serves him/her very well. These individuals never worry about the cruel inhumane consequences of their behaviors toward others.

You cannot use your personal moral compass about character to evaluate the high level narcissist. Especially now we have a preponderance of high level narcissists in our society. They are riding high, acting out, behaving badly indulging themselves with extravagant lifestyles and grand escapes.

It is very tempting to go off on a thrilling jaunt or even a marriage to one of these outrageously charming individuals.

But when people tell you who they are, take notice. You are an evolving individual of integrity, grounded in your true self. Give yourself credit for traveling along your own unique pathway. Focus on self care and the work and joy involved in using your unique creative gifts.

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