The Dark Core of the Narcissistic Mother


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The narcissistic mother is a horrifying person. Narcissistic mothers don't attach to their babies and children.

There is no true relationship between this non mother and her baby and small child.

Narcissistic mother pretend at love and fools many people. Her child knows deep inside that mother never loved her.

On the outside this woman is charming, sociable, magnanimous. She is often very well liked.

The narcissistic mother frequently projects vituperative rage on her child. Bursts of hatred and venom pour forth from her mouth, with screaming, threats, accusations, recriminations and humiliations.

Behind closed doors with you she is a living nightmare, terrorizing you night and day.

The narcissist constantly shames you, telling how inferior you are in every way.

Children of narcissistic mothers are servants in the service of their draconian parent.

Now you recognize the true nature of your narcissistic mother and her psychopathology. Give yourself credit for all of your insights and researched and your becoming an individual despite everything you experienced in your mother's house of desolation.

Continue your restorative process each day with self care. Rest, sleep, movement, exercise, hydration, beauty, Nature, your creativity.

Among the most compassionate individual I have met are chlidren of narcissistic mothers. I honor all of yo on your journey of the authentic self.

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