Don't Become the Object of the High Level Narcissist's Rabid Projections


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The high level narcissist project his/her venom on to those who are the most vulnerable especially when their victims are physically ill, depressed, anxious, have severe insomnia.

Projection is a primitive defense mechanism used by high level narcissist on their spouses, ex-spouses, children, family members. They humiliate and demean those whom he knows will never tell anyone.

As a result of their cruel projections victims of the high level narcissist are constantly living in survival mode, the fight or flight mode of the sympathetic nervous system. If you are the child of a narcissistic family you are particularly vulnerable to the high level narcissist's cruel, insidious projections.

You have come to a time of awakening through your research and clear thinking. You are moving forward along your own unique pathway. Give yourself credit for this great accomplishment as you travel the road of the authentic self.

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