Expanding and Deepening Your Individuality


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Qualities of Individuality

Independence of Mind- Respecting your thought processes but remaining flexible to changing your perceptions when research and insight individuates your movement to a new direction.

Trusting your intuition - Flashes of wisdom that move taster than thought.

Appreciate the forces that created you and how you survived and who you are becoming as a unique individual.

Appreciating you sense of humor - Humor is magic and distinguishes us as individuals.

A scene from a camping site near the ocean describes the beauty and simplicity of family and friend gatherings overlooking the ocean. Campers have set ups that move from motor homes to trucks to small campers.

This is a lovely scene of people enjoying the cooking and eating of homemade food, children playing games, scooters, bikes; adults talking with one another with warmth, small fires that create warmth and friendship.

Recall your memories of times you spent in beautiful natural places: ocean, lakes, mountains. These experiences are calming, enjoyable, hopeful, restorative

Appreciate yourself as an individual, immerse yourself in beauty every day, get the rest and sleep that you need and deserve, hydration, nourishing food, movement and exercise, listen to beautiful music.





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