High Level Narcissists Are Shameless with Their Lying


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Lying is a serious act of betrayal. When you have a relationship with someone whom you trust and they lie to you it has painful consequences to you. Everything about this relationship is now in question, especially if it is close and of length and meaning.

The high level narcissist continuously lies. This is so convenient for them.

Quote from my book: Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life: "Lying makes us feel uncomfortable, as if something is fundamentally wrong. We have a powerful visceral reaction when we lie...When e lie, we feel ashamed. ..The narcissist is not burdened by this fear. He knows he can lie and get away with it. Lying for him is a shortcut, a free ride that will get him to his destination quickly, much more efficient than telling the truth."

High level narcissists use many types of lying styles. One is a mechanism called revisionism: rewriting the truth. It can be the narcissist's entire biography created out of his/her imagination. From my book: "Like any good storyteller, the narcissist weaves a convincing tale that shades or perverts the truth...These life histories are long and complex testimonials to self-aggrandisement."

High levels lie to your face as they look deeply into your eyes, so convincingly insincere. High levels often lie by omission, leaving you with small shreds of a reality that they have created on the spot. High level narcissists are thrilled with their lying skills.

There comes a time when you see through the high level narcissist's webs of lies and cruel deceptions.

You do your research and pay attention to your discernments about the true natures of the high level narcissists. You now know that you can no longer be exploited psychologically and emotionally by this deceptive, cruel person.

You move through a time of awakening, a recognition and appreciation of your unique value as an individual. You deserve a relationship that is based on integrity and trust, being paired with a person of good character.

Give yourself credit for the journey you are taking, your search and understanding of the true nature of the high level narcissist, your focus on restoration, healing, evolution and creativity.

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