In Times of Chaos Your Intuition Leads the Way


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Intuition is your greatest gift. Everyone has some capacity for intuition.

Your intuition always tells you the truth. Intuition is a kind of vibration, faster than a blink or the speed of light.

We discover our intuitions through Nature, our dreams, in the creativity of the unconscious.

The more you use your intuition the more powerful it becomes. Intuition is your ever-present companion.

Empaths have strong intuitions. They are very special, highly attuned individuals.

Remember to be very kind to yourself. Each day: get sleep and rest, nourishing food, hydration, movement and exercise your way, activating your creativity.

From my book: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist: "When we lie down and look up at the sky, we feel ourselves drifting to a quieter place. We marvel at the subtle changes in shades of blue as the moments roll by. From the beginning of the day to darkest night."

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