Married to a High Level Narcissist - Revisiting Your Childhood of Desolation


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The word "desolation" is from the French going back hundreds of years. It means a state of emptiness or destruction.

Growing up with a narcissistic parent(s) you suffered from the beginning. Some of you sensed there was something wrong and frightening about your family. Some children of narcissistic parents wonder if they were switched at birth. Of course you knew that this was not literally the case.

From earliest childhood you felt a deep need to please your narcissistic parent. You made constant efforts to be accepted and loved by mother or father. These children are emotionally starving for attention and care.

You suffered greatly from the humiliations, accusations, punishments, guilt induction, extreme control placed on you by the narcissist.

Those who stay married to the high level narcissist are under tremendous stress, day and night. There is no respite, your nervous system is constantly in fight or flight survival mode.

There is a time of awakening when you step forward to ground yourself in your unique individuality. This is your pathway of psychological grounding and transformation. Give yourself tremendous credit for your journey of the rediscovery of your wholeness, uniqueness and creativity.

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