Restorative, Calming Practices During Chaotic Times


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It is challenging in the best of times, especially if you are an empath, to be calm and psychologically centered.

In periods of chaos it is more difficult to maintain physical and psychological calm. It is understandable to become overwhelmed: frightened, anxious, depressed, angry, confused. When this is happening remember to be very kind to yourself.

The following are practices and routines that you can develop to calm, ground, be mindful, respond with your unique creativity.

Calming grounding yoga poses:

Happy Baby - calms the nervous system, anxiety and quiets the mind.

Cat Cow - relaxing and helps your spine become flexible and strong.

Take time to rest, listen to music that appeals to you, be kind about problems you have falling asleep and going back to sleep when you wake up.

Nourishing food, hydration,

Walking in Nature, go at your own pace.

For thousands of years our Paleolithic ancestors walked throughout their days, getting food and shelter.

They created magnificent paintings discovered in caves, most recent in Ardeche, France in 1989.

Initiate and continue your creativity in the forms that resonate best with you - drawing, sketching, painting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking, gardening, writing, journaling.

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