Take Back Your Individuality and Power from Your Narcissistic Mother


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As a child, a prisoner in your own home, your narcissistic mother reigned. Draconian and merciless, she set about screaming demands and decrees, forever threatening and accusing. There ws never a time for respite or peace, no secure, safe, quieting space. The narcissistic mother is the epitome of the sympathetic nervous system run amok.

In a most frightening way to the small child, this woman is unpredictable in her extreme moods and enraged outbursts. You never knew what she was up to from one second to the next. There you were in constant fight or flight, the sympathetic survival nervous system.

You believed that you were unlovable since this was constantly projected on you.

You felt guilty all the time because you were constantly being accused of doing bad things--you were an innocent child and made every effort to obey and comply--this was never acceptable to mother. She twisted everything to make you bad, so that she could reject you, keep you down, obliterate your sense of self and individuality, your power of assertion.

This is your time for healing and restoration.

Your routine each of self care, rest, sleep, nourishing food, spiritual practice that you create, creativity, rest, sleep, movement/exercise your way.




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