The Power of High Level Narcissist's Charm


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To protect ourselves from the incredible charm of the high level narcissist is essential to understand the nature of his/her gifts of beguilement and persuasion.

Quoting from my book Freeing Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life paints a clear picture:"The high-level narcissist is gifted at radiating immense charm when he/she chooses... Charm is an energy, a vibration, a contagious optimistic state of mind. Charm beguiles; it can seduce us to do almost anything."

It is easy for us to get swept up in the enchantment of the high level narcissist's charm.

The high level with this magic puts us in a kind trance that removes our doubts and fears. The high level is making us believe that we can be and have anything we want---at this moment.

Behind closed doors with the high level narcissist the ugly, cruel, vile shadow of the narcissist is revealed in full. You are the recipient of the primitive projections, recriminations, humiliations of our partner.

The high level's act is so seamless that those outside of your partnership would never suspect that you are involved with such a cruel, controlling, lying, raging person.

There is a time of awakening when you both recognize the true nature of the high level narcissist and know that you can and must separate from this highly abusive individual. You are reclaiming your rights to grow, thrive and evolve according to your own deep wisdom.

You move forward along your own pathway. Be proud of yourself for your perseverance, psychological and emotional stamina and spiritual strength.

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