(Guest Episode) Reports From The Spiritual Frontier podcast: Gregory Ellison II


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This week, we present a guest episode from one of our favorite podcasts, Reports From The Spiritual Frontier, as host Benjamin Yosua-Davis interviews Gregory Ellison II, whom we will let introduce himself.

Again, we want to allow Greg to introduce himself, but believe us when we say that he is doing amazing work and that you won't want to miss his interview! Because this is a guest episode, it is a bit longer than the ones we normally produce, but again, we think you are going to enjoy every bit of it. Like a few of our episodes, this one also contains discussion of spiritual and religious topics. As always, we want to reiterate that we do not present this episode to promote any one spirituality or religion but instead because we think it is helpful and encouraging for all neighbors, regardless of their relationships to spirituality or religion.

We hope you enjoy, and for more episodes and information, please check out the Reports From The Spiritual Frontier website!

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