John McKnight (Part 3): Turn Those Rocks Over!


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This is it. The finale is here! Welcome to Part 3 of our three-episode series in which hosts Adam and Matt sit down with the founder of asset-based community development, John McKnight.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to listen to the first two episodes in this series. If you have not, we would highly suggest going back and listening to them first, as this final episode builds off of the first two. Plus, they are just fantastic episodes!

If you have not yet read a little about John, here is a bit of description...

John began community organizing when he was in his early twenties, and since then, he has done everything from training Barack Obama in community organizing to developing an entirely new model of community development. This model that he developed is of course asset-based community development, or ABCD, and we, the Neighboring Movement, consider ourselves asset-based community developers. That being said, John has always been a hero of ours, and over the years, we have followed his work closely and been deeply inspired and influenced by his practices. He is incredibly kind, absolutely brilliant, and a gifted teacher who always tells the perfect story in order to illustrate a point. We are so very honored that John was willing to sit down on the front porch with us, and we are so excited to now share all three of these episodes with you all!

In this third episode, John starts by talking about the importance of fostering cultures of connectedness and community consciousnesses. Intrigued already? Yeah, he has that effect on people....The episode only gets crazier from there, too! Next, John outlines how people, in association, can own their power and ask three simple questions in order to start producing their future together. To end it all, he tells one of our favorite stories of his, and then, it is get-up-and-go time! There is a call to action here, and you are invited to join in this work!

As one final note, thank you for joining us for this series that has been a dream of ours to produce. John's work is incredible, so please check it all out! Here are some resources:

  • His website - Here you can learn more about John and access his learnings, publications, videos, and blogs.
  • His institute
  • His blog

P.S. The Neighbor Next Door isn't going anywhere! In the weeks to come, we will continue to release new episodes every Tuesday, and these episodes will directly address neighboring in the time of coronavirus. Thank you, as always, for listening!

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