Mike Mather (Part 1): From Programs to People


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For Episode 13, hosts Adam and Matt interview the person who inspired us to utilize an asset-based approach in our work: Rev. Mike Mather. The conversation was amazing, so we split the interview into two episodes, and this is the first of those episodes.

Mike is a pastor at Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and both he and his church participate in astounding asset-based work that has deeply transformed their community. But Mike has not always utilized an asset-based approach in his work, and neither has his church. In this episode, Mike outlines both his shift and the church's shift from scarcity to abundance, from creating programs to meeting neighbors.

Like a couple of our other conversations, this conversation contains discussion of religious topics. We do not present these episodes to promote any one religion or being religious but instead because we think they are helpful and encouraging for all neighbors, religious and non-religious alike. We hope you enjoy!

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