Canada Grows Here: How NetSuite Enables Success for Canadian Businesses


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Oracle NetSuite’s Vice President of Sales, Aaron Mittler, discusses NetSuite’s investment in Canadian business growth and success. With nearly 20 years’ experience in software sales in Canada (2:43), Mittler explains why it’s so appealing to start or expand a business in Canada (4:49) . He dives into the challenges specific to growing a business in the region (8:50) and how NetSuite is helping overcome those challenges (9:25), including assisting companies with IFRS accounting standards compliance, addressing the war for talent and more (11:51). In fact, NetSuite is investing in Canadian expansion more than ever before through its “Canada Grows Here” initiative, which seeks to meet companies’ specific needs in the region (12:43). After noting the importance of this initiative for both businesses in the region as well as those all over the globe (15:32), Mittler dives into some of the success stories out of Canada (18:05) and the goals NetSuite continues to pursue throughout the region (21:35). Finally, he provides his biggest piece of advice for business leaders who are looking into ERP solutions (25:21) and what the future of NetSuite holds for its customers in Canada and all over the world (27:00). Tune in for all of this and more!

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